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About Us

Bangladesh contains over 300 rivers; many of which are heavily silted and have not been dredged in nearly thirty years. The government plans to dredge the rivers in an effort to reduce potential flooding that inevitably follows regularly occurring natural disasters and to make the rivers more navigable. As the largest industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh, Bashundhara decided to invest in the dredging project under a new emerging paradigm known as public-private partnership. Bashundhara stepped up as a private sector supporter when the government searched for assistance, adding dredging to their many specialties. The dredges will create new employment opportunities in Bangladesh.


“For the people for the country” is our company motto and it is up to us to join the government’s endeavors in solving our own environmental problems. With the decision to enter into the dredging industry we want to save our hard earning foreign currency. In the past, foreign contractors were the only ones to do these projects; now it can be done by the largest industrial corporation in Bangladesh.


Upon partnering with their government, Bashundhara Dredging Company extended a worldwide invitation to all renowned dredge manufacturers interested in supplying the new equipment. After evaluating all offers, Bashundhara chose DSC because of their reputation for manufacturing innovative, quality dredging equipment. Bashundhara only buys the finest. We want the most modern equipment in the world and we found DSC to have the best design at a competitive price compared to other U.S. and European manufacturers.”Other contributing factors that led them to their selection include DSC’s fully automated equipment that uses PLC-touch screens to operate the dredge, deeper digging depths, furthest pumping distance without a booster, and increased production capabilities. With a digging depth of 23 meters and production capabilities exceeding 1500 cubic meters per hour, the dredge is said to be the most modern in design in the entire country of Bangladesh!